Handy new technology for controlling energy.

Now you can do all the property’s controlling and adjusting through internet by using normal web browser.

Turning on the sauna, room temperature, opening doors, closing water valves and electricity sockets, safety equipments and alarms etc.

You can test in practice how handy and easy it is to control your property, ip address:

The program may work slowly if there are several users at the same time, but normally these kinds of program delays don’t exist.

For practical reasons we were not able to take into this version all the functions: e.g. opening the doors etc.

We are offering for our customers the whole heating system, automating your property and safety equipments, easily from the company.

We give you high quality system, in which every part works well as one independent unit.No one builds a car by installing components from different car models into one car, you wouldn’t get a vehicle that works well by mixing parts from Lada and Mercedes.

Why would you do this to your property? By buying components from different manufacturers through different deliverers, no one can guarantee that your system would work well or would be long-lasting and energy saving solution.

Through us you can get all these benefits.

Welcome to get to know us and our products better.

For a comfortable, easy-to-use and safe living.




Since technology is bad as a host, we are always aiming to a system that is as easy as possible to use, then people from babies to grandfathers can use the system.





·      Smart, pleasant and economical adjusting and guiding of heating.

·      Easy-to-use and versatile safety- and guiding functions.

·      Smart, precise and pleasant guiding of ventilation.

       Smart guiding of lighting.



Tavoitteemme on luoda asiakkaalle mahdollisimman miellyttävä työ- tai elinympäristö varustamalla kiinteistö, joka toimii älykkäästi käyttäjänsä ehdoilla. Maksimoimme kiinteistösi mukavalla lämmöllä ja terveellisellä huoneilmalla, unohtamatta turvallisuutta tai käyttömukavuutta, lisäksi järjestelmämme säästää rutkasti energiakulutusta.